The Problem

The problem - Local Network

The most immediate issues we have to address



  • Many jobs have disappeared permanently because of Covid-19. More jobs will be lost
  • Artificial Intelligence and automation will replace an increasing number of jobs
  • Gig economy jobs are temporary and insecure
  • There are few ‘new’ employment opportunities


Social Impact

  • Covid-related poverty is increasing, with its attendant health and social problems
  • Increasing numbers of people will have nothing to hope for . . . and therefore, nothing to lose
  • We are likely to see an increase in crime, anti-social behaviour, addiction, mental health
    problems, violence and children in chaotic homes


Support Services

  • The National Health Service and Social Care systems are under-funded
  • Other public services have been progressively privatised and under-invested to the point where they are now unable to meet society’s needs
  • Whole regions of the country have been systematically under-funded
  • Failings in the ‘Universal Credit’ system mean that hard-working people have to use Foodbanks to survive

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