Focusing our minds. Summoning our determination.

We all discovered recently – very suddenly – the importance of being able to rely on the people who live and work around us.

The Local Network will strengthen our local face-to-face social structures by using data to find others locally who share our interests and aspirations. As well as helping us when problems arise this will make our day-to-day life richer and more fulfilling.

Waiting for other people to ‘put things right for us’ is clearly not going to work!


If change is going to happen, we have to make it happen!


By creating the right online tools, we can create a society where:

  • People’s potential is limited only by the effort they are willing to make
  • It is easier to help people than to remain isolated
  • When you need help, it is available within your neighbourhood
  • We have the tools to coordinate public opinion and achieve change
  • We restore the Social Contract, insisting Government works in our interest

We can, if we choose, turn the pain of the Covid pandemic into an opportunity to re-establish control over the decisions made on our behalf and over the data that is currently used to exploit us, but could improve our lives so much.

Covid-19 has shaken us out of the comfortable illusion that government has the will and the skill to provide a top-down one-size-fits-all plan to run a fair, equitable and safe society. We now realise that we cannot rely on ‘someone else’ to organise our society for us. It will take our involvement to make it happen.

We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make ‘public good’ not ‘commercial profit’ the decisive priority.

The mechanism to achieve it is already designed. It is called The Local Network.

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