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What tools does a Local Network provide?


Six years ago I started to design a Local Network. I recognised that automation and AI would have an increasing impact on ‘traditional’ employment.

It was also clear that erosion of The Social Contract meant that many deep social needs were being ignored.

The Covid-19 pandemic shone an even sharper light on the catastrophic inadequacies of our current social infrastructure.

So, the Local Network design includes . . .


A Local Marketplace

  • This provides free tools to enable the building of new micro-businesses to replace jobs lost from the preCovid economy.


A Local Noticeboard

  • This encourages informed discussion of the many issues local society needs to resolve in the wake of coronavirus. Noticeboard tools deliberately lead discussions towards voting, agreement and action.


Local Instant Messaging

  • This creates a culture of local, practical mutual support. It is based on the user’s building, organisation, street, immediate area, and wider area.


A Good Neighbour Tool

  • This develops a robust structure for identifying, meeting and managing local individual needs.

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