The Context


Understanding our problem. Recognizing our solution.


Covid-19 is having a catastrophic impact on society.

But we can ensure that society gains some positive outcomes – by developing innovative online tools to address our most urgent issues.

A Local Network is a new type of social network, helping people address their immediate economic, social and psychological problems.

It offers mitigations to the impact of Covid-19 . . . but also the crises that will follow: the Employment Crisis, the Climate Change Crisis, the Migration Crisis, the Income Disparity Crisis, the Social Contract Crisis and the Democratic Deficit Crisis.

Up to now, social networking has mainly been used for entertainment.

Today, social networking’s other strengths are urgently needed.

A Local Network provides:

  • Tools to create new start-up businesses
  • Tools to find jobs
  • Tools to seek advice
  • Tools to organize practical support
  • Tools to develop personal knowledge and skills
  • Tools to make local friends
  • Tools to disseminate the information that will keep us safe
  • Tools to democratically empower citizens

All of these are best delivered LOCALLY.

That is why we need a Local Network.

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